fluid forests

      when wandering past the outer edges of dry land, many do so whilst being unaware of  a wonderful phenomenon. it can be seen, smelt or felt upon entering these bare landscapes known as beaches: small piles of seaweed scattered over sand. forests of it grow on rocks nestled in isolated bays. soft and slippery they caress legs, making many hearts skip beats.
    these macro algae appear insignificant, yet they are the reason we are able to breathe on this planet. nicknamed ‘the lungs of the earth’, seaweed produces over seventy percent of our oxygen and does wonders in keeping air and oceans clean. seaweed has many neglected qualities, proving to be a telling example of the alienation from the natural environment many experience nowadays.
    if you allow it to, this project can bring you a bit closer to getting acquainted with the intricate network that exists all around.